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Eni's high quality lubricants for passenger cars gained well-deserved popularity among dealers and car services.
The new Eni i-Sint is a complete range of engine oils including synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral oils formulated on the basis of the requirements and potential of different types of engines used under any conditions. The product line includes, in particular, lubricants designed for the latest generation of engines and suitable for vehicles equipped with diesel-particulate filters. Following the latest market trends Eni i-Sint products meet all technological requirements for passenger cars.
Apart from the motor oil line essential to service workshop processes we offer a wide range of gear oils, lubricating greases and products for accessory applications (antifreezes, brake fluids and chain lubricating oils).

Always the right product in the engine: using the lubricant finder on our website, Eni i-Sint lubricants can be safely used for the maximum oil drain interval recommended by the manufacturer.

To show your customers you are working with Eni's high quality lubricants, there are a lot of marketing tools available like Eni overalls, Eni flags, Eni oil change labels, Eni stickers, Eni illuminated light signs, Eni displays etc. It is even possible to pimp your workshop to an Eni branded workshop!

Eni offers a wide range of equipment. Making investments in your workshop, we grant you the best way of working. After using 5 years our products, you automatically are the owner of the equipment!

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