Short sea marine

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Eni Marine provides a full range of products for marine engines. These can vary from small units on fishery boats to large ships running on less refined fuels.

For each case and each requirement, Eni proposes the specific high performance oils that have been specially formulated to respond to the ever increasing needs of engines, especially high power units.

Oils have the high performance characteristics needed to very effectively prevent the formation of deposits and keep internal engine components clean. These characteristics are typified by the highly effective dispersants that prevent sludge forming inside the engine while at the same time allowing any deposits that do form to be removed with centrifugal pumps where applicable. The cleansing agents prevent the build-up of crusts and carbon deposits on pistons and keeps piston grooves and oil rings clean even under severe operating conditions. These properties remain stable even with prolonged use and thus ensure that manufacturer specified maximum running times are attained.

Perhaps a simpler explanation is that our oils ensure constant performance over time but above all, provide the most important factor for all those at sea: reliability.

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