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Eni lubricants specially designed for commercial vehicles such as diesel vans, trucks and buses offer excellent quality at an affordable price and fulfil all sector-specific requirements.
From Eni's research laboratories comes a complete line of lubricants for heavy-duty vehicles offering high efficiency and reliability and optimum protection of your truck engine.
Ever attentive to environmental issues, Eni has produced a range of cutting edge lubricants that not only satisfy the typical requirements of the road haulage sector but offer enhanced environmental compatibility as well.

The i-Sigma line includes products employing reliable, tried-and-tested formulations as well as leading-edge technologies suitable for modern engines fitted with emission reducing exhaust gas after-treatment systems.
A number of the lubricants in the line have been specially formulated to provide better fuel economy and environmental protection. With i-Sigma, your engine is protected in even the most severe driving conditions and in all climatic conditions and temperatures.
I-Sigma lubricants can be safely used for the maximum oil drain interval recommended by the manufacturer while maintaining their initial performance levels.

Always the right product in the engine: using the lubricant finder on our website.

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