Special Automotive Products

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Eni does not only offer motor oils and transmission lubricants. In the automotive sector there are many other products for "accessory" applications but fundamental for the proper operation of every vehicle. Antifreezes, brake fluids, chassis greases and many other special fluids are included in this products typology.

AdBlue® is a key product for all vehicles using SCR technology (Selective Catalytic Reduction), a technology that reduces toxic emissions, and particularly NoX. AdBlue is made of a 32.5% solution of urea in deionised water, and is required by almost all heavy duty diesel vehicles (trucks, buses and coaches) marketed after October 1st 2006, when Euro IV entered into force.
Some light vehicles have also been marketed in the past years requiring also AdBlue (Mercedes, Audi, Mazda, VW, etc..).

Purity of AdBlue is essential and can only be guaranteed through a fully controlled supply chain, from production to storage. In fact, SCR catalysts are extremely sensitive to contaminants and can suffer irreversible and costly damages if impure AdBlue is used. If damages have resulted from mishandling of AdBlue, the vehicle's warranty might be invalidated by manufacturers. Choosing Eni as your AdBlue supplier, be it in canisters, IBC's or even bulk, you will definitely make the right choice.

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